Unit 400

Iran strengthens hold in Yemen

Quds Force is continuing to strengthen Iran's hold over Yemen as an active combat zone for fighting its enemies, and as a vanguard and strategic logistics hub, in the spirit of the Iranian concept of regional takeover and control.

Similarly to the model of Hezbollah in Lebanon and using Hezbollah's help, Quds Force is grooming the Houthi Shiite militia in Yemen as its proxy against Saudi Arabia and Saudi allies in the UAE states.

Ali Moghtaderi

Ali Moghtaderi is a field operative in Quds Force's Unit 400. He served in the Basij in the past...

Golzar Tower

The office of Majid Alavi, a senior officer in Quds Force's Unit 400, is located in the Golzar Tower in northern Tehran.

New details on Majid Alavi

Alavi's real name is Mohammad Pour Naimi. born: Tehran, 23 March 1957.
He speaks Arabic and has a degree in management. Over the past 18 months, Majid Alavi has been involved intensively in directing Quds Force activity in Syria, to assist the Syrian regime against the insurgents. As part of this activity, Alavi visits Syria routinely. Troughout the years of his activity, Alavi has visited many countries, including in Asia and Europe, using a diplomatic passport and aliases. One of the aliases he uses is Amir Masoud Asadi Tehrani.

Unit 400 HQ

The HQ of Quds Force's Unit 400 is in southeast Tehran.

The office of the unit commander, Hamed Abdallahi, is in this compound.

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