Quds Force - Foreign cells

Over the past few years, Iran's Quds Force has been setting up infrastructures abroad and cells worldwide that include Sunni assets.

The establishment of these capabilities and cells includes: recruiting foreign assets, training, handling the assets under business or religious cover over an extended time period, conducting missions in arenas to which the cells have access.

Ali Akbar Norouzi-Shayan

Ali Akbar Norouzi-Shayan is an operative in Quds Force's operations unit, who was involved in the attempted attack in Thailand on 14 February 2012.

An office in Iranzamin building

A Quds Force office in Iranzamin building

A Quds Force office

A Quds Force office in Tehran...

Ali Moghtaderi

Ali Moghtaderi is a field operative in Quds Force's Unit 400. He served in the Basij in the past...