Gholam Hossein Zarei Afin

A Quds Force Operative

Age: 40 years old

worked in Syria in the past.

Ali Hassan Salami

Ali Hassan Salami is a veteran operative in Quds Force's Caucasus corps, which is also responsible for Turkish affairs, and has served in various positions. Salami was Quds Force representative in Turkey between 2011-2014, where he worked under diplomatic cover of an attache at Iran's embassy in Ankara. During this period, Salami was involved in directing terror activity in Turkey, including members of the Tawhid Salam organization.

Mojtaba Ghanbarian

Mojtaba Ghanbarian (Parsa), Quds Force operative working vis-a-vis Africa and in charge of handling two Kenyans detained in November 2015 in Nairobi

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi is a senior operative who is involves in special Quds Force operational activity in various countries, including Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. Abolghasemi continues carrying out terror activity despite an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol against him for his involvement in an attack carried out by Quds Force in New Delhi, India, in February 2012

Azizollah Jamali

Azizollah Jamali, 51 years old, is a valued veteran Quds Force operative. Azizollah Jamali is involved in Quds Force operational activity abroad.