Vahid Ghadiri Mofrad

Vahid Ghadiri Mofrad, A Quds Force operative, 34 years old,worked in Iraq

Jordan (2015)

Quds Force Operational Infrastructure Exposed in Jordan

Khaled Al-Rubaye

Khaled Al-Rubaye, a Quds Force asset of Iraqi descent, was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Jordan's State Security Court in June 2016.
Al-Rubaye was found guilty of possessing and transporting 44 kilograms of highly explosive materials, with the intent of plotting and carrying out terrorist acts.

Abbas Ali Yeylaghi Ashrafi

A Quds Force Operative, worked in Pakistan and Iraq.

Keyvan Nowferesti

Keyvan Nowferesti was involved in an attack carried out by Quds Force in Turkey in May 2011, in which eight Turks were injured.