Huseyin Hafez Amini - A key Iranian terror operative in Turkey

Following the exposure of a Quds Force terror cell in Albania, an Iranian terror network in Turkey has recently been uncovered.
Huseyin Hafez Amini, who has dual citizenship from Iran and Turkey, and lives in Istanbul, is known to be a wealthy businessman who apart from other things, serves as CEO of the Turkish airline Rey Airlines. It seems that behind the scenes, Amini is leading a double life...

Son of SLO Chief involved in terror activity

Son of Supreme Leader's Office (SLO) Chief involved in terror activity
Quds Force Unit 840 is continuously pursuing operational efforts to establish terror networks worldwide. One of the interesting arenas in which the unit has been active lately is Venezuela, apparently due to its particular proximity to the U.S., the close ties between the local government and Iran and the chaotic situation in Venezuela that provides a fertile ground for terror activity.
On 24 October, two senior operatives....

Quds Force Terror Cell in Albania Exposed

A terror cell of Quds Force operatives in Albania was recently exposed in a press conference there. Among other things, this cell led the attack attempt against the Mujahidin Khalq (MEK) conference in Albania, which was foiled in March 2018...

Hasan Kasemi

A Quds Force operative stationed in Syria, is involved in a joint project of Qods Force and Hezbollah's ESO...

Majid Navab

Majid Navab

Majid Navab, born in 1965, is a senior IRGC Air-Force official and an SSM expert.He is a senior consultant for Quds Force, advising them on weapons precision upgrade projects in Lebanon.As part of his function, he travels to Lebanon regularly, staying in Beirut, the Beqaa, and Southern Lebanon, where he visits weapons sites and meets with Hezbollah and Quds Force operatives.