Seyed Ali Mahdian Sadr

Seyed Ali Mahdian Sadr, A senior official in Quds Force's operational array. He was an MOIS staffer in the past. He was involved in the New Delhi attack in February 2012.

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi is a senior operative who is involves in special Quds Force operational activity in various countries, including Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. Abolghasemi continues carrying out terror activity despite an international arrest warrant issued by Interpol against him for his involvement in an attack carried out by Quds Force in New Delhi, India, in February 2012

Mohammad Reza Abolghasemi

Abolghesemi is a senior Quds Force field operative who was behind the attack in New Delhi, India on 13 February 2012. Abolghasemi visited India before the attack and was involved in operational and logistic preparations for it.

India (2012)

Attack in New Delhi, India