Behnam Shahariari

Behnam Shahariari - July 2016

Over the past year, Behnam Shahariari has acquired the status of having the most influence over the strategic and covert ties between the IRGC and Hezbollah. Shahariari is the dominant figure in directing the smuggling of Iranian strategic weapons into Lebanon via Syria.

Shahariari: New Details


In recent months, Behnam Shahariari has carried out a series of special missions for Quds Force. During the course of these missions, he has used the alias Mirvakili Seyed Ali Akbar in Turkey, Syria, Oman, Lebanon, and other countries, duping the authorities and border control. During his travels, Shahariai handles Quds Force facilitators, contacts, and intelligence sources in various countries. Most of his activity is devoted to transferring weapons to bodies and movements supported by Iran that strive to undermine the regimes in their countries.

Behnam Shahariari

Shahariari is a senior official in Unit 190, the weapon smuggling unit of the Quds Force. Shahariari has been smuggling weopons for use in terror attacks and for strengthening the military capabilities of terror organizations for over 10 years. He is considered the Quds Forces' leading expert in these matters. It appears that, as part of his job, he is frequently away from Tehran for long periods of time.