USA (2011)

Attempt to Assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in Washington, DC.

  • The Quds Force tried to target the Saudi ambassador to the United States on U.S. soil.
  • The Quds Force planned to blow up a restaurant in Washington frequented by the Saudi ambassador.
  • The attack preparations were advanced with the assistance of Mansour Arbabsiar, an Iranian facilitator with U.S. citizenship who was recruited by the Quds Force.
  • Arbabsiar joined forces with a local organized crime network in Mexico in order to advance the attack plan.
  • U.S. law enforcement authorities foiled the attack when they detained Arbabsiar on 29 September 2011.
  • During his questioning, Arbabsiar admitted that additional targets for the attack included the ambassadors of Israel and Saudi Arabia to Argentina and Israel's ambassador to the U.S.

Photo: Mansour Arbabsiar, the detained facilitator