Secret Structure

The Quds Force is comprised of various divisions and units, some of which are highly classified even within the secret organization.

  • Headquarters: Dozens of divisions at the Quds Force HQ are in place with the sole purpose of providing support for overseas terror, subversive and other criminal activities. Among them are branches with expertise in operations, logistics, intelligence, training and human resources.
  • Regional Corps: The Quds Force conducts many of its operations through regional corps that are responsible for geographic areas within their respective remits.  They include the Iraq Corps, Lebanon Corps (also responsible for Syria), Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Caucasus and Africa. A special corps covers Europe, the U.S. and Latin America. These corps monitor events and activities in their regions and are responsible for laision with subversive and terror elements, recruiting operatives and establishing operational cells. The Iranian operatives of a regional corps are stationed in the arena for which it is responsible and usually use diplomatic cover or the cover of Iranian cultural/religious centres as a front to legitimize their stay.
  • Special Units: Highly compartmentalized, a number of units specialize in certain kinds of activity, such as overseas terror attacks and transferring weapons to terror organizations worldwide.