QUDS Force activity in Africa continues

Government coups and intelligence collection on Western targets: QUDS Force activity in Africa continues
A senior QUDS Force Unit 400 asset in Africa, a resident of Niger called Ali Muhammad Al-Hassan, was recently arrested.

Questioning him revealed that he used a team in Niger for various activities throughout Africa such as a violent activity against a Saudi official from the Saudi embassy in Niger, and he collected OI on Western, American, and European targets throughout Africa.
Al-Hassan's work for Unit 400 began when he was recruited in 2011 during a religious conference in Tehran, which he was invited to. This is a well-known recruitment method used by QUDS Force. Since then, Al-Hassan has been a key Unit 400 contact in Africa, serving as a broker and a spotter for African assets, while pursuing operational and subversive activity there.
By virtue of his function, Al-Hassan connected Unit 400 to Ismail Djidah, a QUDS Force asset and a senior official in the Seleka militia, who was also detained and questioned regarding QUDS Force activity in Africa, as was first posted on the site.
Al-Hassan also connected Unit 400 to Michel Djotodia, former leader of the Central African Republic, who is also linked to Ismail Djidah and the Seleka militia.
Al-Hassan handled dozens of African assets from throughout the continent, and together with them, he participated in a series of terror activity training provided by QUDS Force in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. In order to maintain secrecy, Al-Hassan has used forged passports and various aliases for his trips to these countries over the years, under cover of business activity. For example:
   In September-October 2011, he visited Iran using forged documentation.
    In January 2015, he visited Iran using forged documentation.
   In July and September 2017, he visited Lebanon using forged documentation.


Al-Hassan's direct handler in Unit 400 is Aydin Salahlou, a veteran operations officer in Africa, whose name has been linked in the past to several attack plans in African countries.

Under the direction of QUDS Force, Al-Hassan and his assets have carried out the following tasks:

  •    Collecting OI for attacking a Saudi official in Niger.
  •    Collecting OI on American, Israeli, French, Italian, and Saudi targets in Africa.
  •    Encouraging a coup in Gambia in order to bring to power a friend of the Iranians, who will help them strengthen their hold on the continent.
  •    Encouraging a coup in North Sudan.
  •    Strengthening Iranian influence in Eritrea and helping recruit senior officials in the country to carry out activity for QUDS Force.
  •    Linking QUDS Force and Sudanese elements, which was exposed in a previous post on our site.
  •    Assisting with and directing plans by QUDS Force to take control of natural resources in Africa.