QUDS Force activity in Turkey – Part III

The religious institution Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution of the Eastern Azerbaijan District, headed by Hassan Sha'bani Galvani, serves as cover for QUDS Force to recruit foreign citizens and bring them to Iran to train them and direct them to carry out various tasks.
Among the various assets handled by Galvani over the past few years are several Turkish citizens:
a.    Volkan Celik
(1)            Date of birth: 08 January 1974
(2)            Turkish passport: U04123648
(3)            Home address: Siyavuşpaşa Mah. Hanımeli 1. Sok. No. 7 Bahçelievler, İstanbul
(4)            Vehicle: Ford Taurus MZC49 34


b.    Mehmet Canan Bulut
(1)            Date of birth: 05 October 1969
(2)            Turkish ID: 21727791972
(3)            Turkish passport: U11285417

c.    Arif Cem Kelleci
(1)            Date of birth: 01 January 1971
(2)            Turkish passport: S02507001
(3)            Home address: Demirci Mah. Demirci Yolu Cad. No. 19 Nilüfer/Bursa

d.    Riza Goleli
(1)            Date of birth: 20 February 1975
(2)            Turkish passport: U04737620
(3)            Home address: Yavuz Sultan Selim Mah. Mevlana Cad. No. 170/5B/38, Körfez/Kocaeli
(4)            Vehicle: 34RDE16

e.    Arif Sahintekin
(1)            In 2017, Sahintekin participated in an operational round with Galvani.
(2)            Date of birth: 16 July 1978
(3)            Turkish passport: U07026323
(4)            Home address: Lived in Istanbul in the past, but for the last few years, he has been living in Germany—Grussendorfer Strasse 4, 49090 Osnabruck.


 In accordance with the handling method we described, these assets and other QUDS Force assets continue to visit Iran frequently, at Galvani's invitation.
We will continue to monitor and update you on Iranian activity in Turkey and/or with Turkish citizens.