New information on the cover company Shamsa

New information on the cover company Shamsa, which was omitted from the sanctions imposed on QUDS Force companies in Iraq.
Last March, sanctions were imposed on the organization "Holy Sites in Iraq", responsible for Shiite holy sites there. It appears that under the auspices of the organization, and Bahjat Al-Kawthar, QUDS Force has transferred foreign currency from Iran to Iraq for years.
We are exposing the fact that, in addition to the Iranian entities designated, a name missing is that of a company at the center of the money transfer channel to QUDS Force: the Iranian company Shamsa. Shamsa is a private company that serves as a monopoly travel agency, and is responsible, among other things, for services provided to Iranian pilgrims in Iraq, including assistance in obtaining visas, planning accommodation, providing insurance, and more. The company is headed by Mostafa Ghasemi.
Although the company coordinates the pilgrimage and maintains innocent cover, in practice it has close ties with the designated Holy Sites in Iraq organization, led by senior QUDS Force officials Hassan Pelarak and Jalal Maab, who are included in the designation. The company itself also serves as a tool for transferring millions of dollars to QUDS Force using the organization's familiar and ostensibly clandestine methods. In its continued efforts to transfer funds using this channel, QUDS force is jeopardizing future financial support for all aspects of the pilgrimage project.


Mostafa Ghasemi


Photo of Folaraq on the day of Atallah Khosravian's appointment as "Holy Sites's new economic advisor