Further details reveal how Qasir and Amini's financial network operates

A network for transferring funds from Quds Force to Hezbollah has been exposed on our website in the past, and we now bring you new details revealing exactly how it operates.  
Qasir and Amini run a network involving dozens of facilitators in Iran, Dubai, Turkey, and Lebanon whose activity is divided into two types of operations: gold deals and deals involving cellular devices and electronic equipment.  
Sums worth billions of Iranian Toman have been transferred with the assistance of Meghdad Amini's bookkeeper, Samaneh Damirchiloo, to purchase gold and electronic equipment.  
The gold is purchased in markets in Iran by Morteza Hashemi, and is later smuggled into Turkey, bypassing Iranian customs. Payment is made in foreign currency, which is sent back to Iran.
The cellular devices and electronic equipment are purchased by businessman Hossein Assadollahi, who works for Meghdad Amini. Assadollahi buys cellphones and electronic equipment in Iranian Toman via Iranian company Surien, and sells them in Dubai via Hemera Co. In this way, Amini and the people working for him convert hundreds of billions of Iranian Toman into UAE Dirham and US Dollars. After the foreign currency has been obtained, it is transferred from Bank Mellat in Dubai to a bank account, from where it is sent back to Meghdad Amini in Iran.
The network that Qasir and Amini operate has already transferred vast sums to finance Hezbollah, bypassing the Iranian banking system and trade systems, with the approval of the Iranian leadership. The cash is transferred inside Iran, outside Iran, and into Iran without registration, supervision, or control.