Details on Quds Force activity in South Africa

Over the past three years, Quds Force has handled a local terror network in South Africa to mount attacks against human targets throughout the country.The local network is headed by two South African citizens, Kagiso Benedict Tlagae, aka Bilal, and Haroon Erasheed Aziz. The two men were working with additional assets to pursue these attacks, and were handled remotely by Quds Force operative Jamshidi.
Bilal, 42, married with one daughter, works in the Iranian cultural consulate in Pretoria, where he lives.
Haroon, 73, has a PhD in physics. He is divorced, and lives in Johannesburg.
The two men were recruited to Quds Force during an Islamic awakening conference in Iran in 2017. When they returned to South Africa, they established the local terror network that collected intelligence for various operations, including assassinations.  
Quds Force continues to pursue terror activity throughout the world, and in Africa in particular, using locals to build up the operational network. The exposure of this network follows additional exposure of Quds Force activity on the continent and in other areas in the past few years.