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A Quds Force Building

On 7 Sadouqi Street in Tehran there is a building being used by the Quds Force.

Mohsen Chizari

Mohsen Chizari is one of the commanders of Quds Force Syria corps, and heads its operation and training unit. Chizari previously operated in Iraq, and carried out joint activity with militias against U.S froces in the country.

Unit 190-Weapons Transfer Unit

Unit 190
One of Quds Force’s main activities is transferring and smuggling weapons to organizations, ethnic groups, and countries in accordance with Iran’s interests. The Quds Forces unit performing this activity is unit 190, which is considered one of the Quds Force special units, and it specializes in smuggling weapons.

Ghafoor Kargari

Ghafoor Kargari is head of the Caucasus corps in Quds Force. Kargari was born in 1962 and is from the city of Ardabil.

Mohammad Reza Zahedi

Personal details:
Full name: Mohammad Reza Zahedi
Alias: Hasan Mahdavi/Reza Mahdavi
Function: Commander of the Quds Force's Lebanon Corps.
Boran in 1944, from Esfahan.
Speaks Farsi and Arabic.

A building used by Quds Force

There is a building that belongs to Quds Force on 69 Saadati Pakdaman alley in southeast Tehran