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Majid Navab

Majid Navab

Majid Navab, born in 1965, is a senior IRGC Air-Force official and an SSM expert.He is a senior consultant for Quds Force, advising them on weapons precision upgrade projects in Lebanon.As part of his function, he travels to Lebanon regularly, staying in Beirut, the Beqaa, and Southern Lebanon, where he visits weapons sites and meets with Hezbollah and Quds Force operatives.  

Quds Force is exposed in Africa

Hamed Abdullahi

Further to our previous report and the media articles.
Following is additional information on the Quds Force terror network in Africa and Iran's plan to pursue a coup in Sudan.
It is now emerging that Saraya Zahraa, which was exposed here in the past, is only the tip of the iceberg regarding Quds Force activity in Africa.

Quds Force network in Europe

Exposure: Qods Force operated a network in Europe against Jewish and Israeli targets.

The network is headed by Muhammad Negravi (Abu Amir), a Quds Force officer stationed in Syria.

Negravi recruited Ali Kaddoura, a broker of Syrian origin who handled dozens of sources, most of them European.

The network's activity has been monitored from its initial stages. Among other things, it was observed collecting operational inteliigence on an Israeli embassy in Europe.

This is another example of Quds Force using proxies for activity in various countries.


Quds Force in Africa: exposed

1. Name of the unit: Saraya Zahraa (Zahraa squads).
2. Commanders:
a. Ismail Mohamad Djida, acting commander.
b. Michel Djotodia, the leader of the African Seleka militia


1. Function: Responsible for recruiting and handling agents to carry out terror activity worldwide.
2. Lives in Iran, but meets with his agents in various countries including Iraq and Turkey...


Bahram Azarivand is a Quds Force representative in Ruussia. In the past he was a Quds Force representative in Azerbaijian.