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Quds Force Terror Cell in Albania Exposed

A terror cell of Quds Force operatives in Albania was recently exposed in a press conference there. Among other things, this cell led the attack attempt against the Mujahidin Khalq (MEK) conference in Albania, which was foiled in March 2018...

Pilots in Service of Quds Force #2

Hassan Sandough Sazzardini, Ali Nouri, Yousef Noroozi
Senior cargo pilots in the IRGC Air Force...

Hasan Kasemi

A Quds Force operative stationed in Syria, is involved in a joint project of Qods Force and Hezbollah's ESO...

Pilots in Service of Quds Force

As part of Iran's continued entrenchment in the region, it is arming the Shiite militias that are under its patronage in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, as well as Palestinian organizations in the Gaza Strip. The weapons are transferred by air, by sea, and by land. Most of the weapons that are sent to...

Exposure - Unit 840

The Quds Force terror attack unit
During the past three years, Quds Force has been handling a covert operational unit, which has been responsible, among other things, for planning and...

Majid Aliee

Majid Aliee

SSM expert at IRGC ASF.

He is a new participant in the weapon projects in Lebanon for Quds Force.

Was seen in Lebanon in early May 2019 with Majid Navab.

Born in 1976.