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Unit 400 HQ

The HQ of Quds Force's Unit 400 is in southeast Tehran.

The office of the unit commander, Hamed Abdallahi, is in this compound.

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Ali Akbar Tabatabaei


Full name: Sayyed Ali Akbar Tabatabaei-fard.
Tabatabaei is also known as Akbar Tahmasebi.
Tabatabaei is commander of the Quds Force’s Africa Corps.

As part of subject’s job, he is involved in and supervises all of Quds Force’s operational activity in Africa, including wepons shipments. For example, Tabatabaei was involved in weapons shipments to Sudan, and in a weapons shipment intended for Gambia seized in Negeria in October 2010. Subject was also involved in plans and preparations for attacks in Kenya and Nigeria over the past two years.

Tabatabaei uses the following Iranian passports: Passport number: 6620505; and passport number: 9003213.

Tabatabaei was designated by the U.S. for his involvement in weapons transfers and terror.

Majid Alavi

Majid Alavi is a senior official in the Quds Force's Unit 400 for Special Operations.

Previously, he served in senior positions in the MOIS and among his responsibilities were countries in the Arab world.  On 26 July 2009, Majid Alavi was appointed as deputy intelligence minister, a post he held until shortly before he joined the Quds Force.

Alavi joined Unit 400 in 2011, and has been contributing with his experience to advance operational activity and attacks abroad, mainly in distant countries with which he is familiar from his operational past.

Qassem Suleimani

Born in March 1958, Qassem Suleimani has served for the last fifteen years as the chief commander of the Quds Force.

Within his role he authorizes all of the organization's activities including terror attacks around the world and strategic-military support to key allies and proxies of the Iranian regime...

Amir Al-Mo'minin Training Camp

A significant training center at which foreign operatives are prepared for missions...

Hamed Abdallahi

Commander of Special Operations Unit 400, which carries out terror attacks overseas...