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New information on the cover company Shamsa

New information on the cover company Shamsa, which was omitted from the sanctions imposed on QUDS Force companies in Iraq.

Further details reveal how Qasir and Amini's financial network operates

A network for transferring funds from Quds Force to Hezbollah has been exposed on our website in the past, and we now bring you new details revealing exactly how it operates.

Exposure of the money transfer network from Quds

A number of business owners, including Ali Qasir and Meghdad Amini, are operating a network that transfer tens of millions of dollars a month from Quds Force in Iran to Hazbollah in Lebanon. As well know, both Qasir and Amini's names have been linkes to terror financing in the past, after being designated by the U.S Treasury.

QUDS Force activity in Turkey – Part III

The religious institution Cultural Front of the Islamic Revolution of the Eastern Azerbaijan District, headed by Hassan Sha'bani Galvani, serves as cover for QUDS Force to recruit foreign citizens and bring them to Iran to train them and direct them to carry out various tasks.

QUDS Force activity in Turkey: Part II

Further to our previous report regarding extensive Iranian activity in Turkey, this report focuses on a large network of Turkish Qod Force assets.
The leader of this network is an Iranian named Hassan Sha'bani Galvani, a cleric who speaks Turkish and Azeri, and a former cultural attache at the Iranian embassy in Turkey.

Pilots in Service of Quds Force #3

Mojtaba Abdallah Zadeh
Senior cargo plane pilot (Ilyushin 76) for IRGC Air Force. He has flown hundreds of cargo flights from Iran to Syria in the past few years, including weapons transfers.
DOB: 26 July 1980